About Diane York


Meet California’s Only Professional Mother of the Bride.


California wedding expert Diane York is a native of Wales, Great Britain. Since moving to southern California from New York City more than thirty years ago, she has designed, planned and coordinated countless events on behalf of Portland Maine’s arts community. Her “impeccable productions” for PORTopera, Portland Players, Portland Stage Company, Portland Symphony Orchestra and other arts organizations have included the Christmas Cotillion, as well as annual dinners, auction fund-raisers, awards ceremonies, and, of course, weddings, which are her passion.

Diane’s rich and varied professional experience includes owning a hair and nail salon and leading travel groups to Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Southeast Asia.

Her decades of experience as a community theater producer and travel excursion host have served as an excellent background for customizing events and planning them down to the finest detail.

If you’re looking for the ideal wedding planner in California, Diane specializes in arranging California weddings as well as country weddings and other locales.

Diane is a member of the Board of Directors of the Good Theater in Portland, Maine and serves on the Advisory Board of PORTopera. She is a member of the Informed Notaries of Maine (INM)*, a member of ACE (Association for Consulting Expertise) and a member of Certified Wedding Professionals. Diane is also a three-time, Maine Senior Olympics Gold medalist and qualified for the 2005 Boston Marathon.


You are truly good at what you do. How blessed were we to have had such a beautiful wedding! I can’t thank you enough!

Kari & Todd K.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin