Why Hire A Planner?


Why Hire a Wedding Planner In California?
(Let us count the whys!)

If you’re hoping for the perfect California wedding, a bridal consultant is a professional whose training, hands-on experience and contacts will help to make your wedding as close to perfect as it can possibly be. You, your fiancé and family will be able to relax – and be guests at your own California wedding ceremony.


As a Expert California Wedding Guide, I Can be Your:

Trusted Advisor

As an expert wedding planner in California, I’m knowledgeable about long-time traditions, as well as all of the current trends, fashions and styles in the industry. Not only that, but I can help you find the perfect spot for your California wedding, in Portland, Boothbay Harbor, Bar Harbor, or somewhere in between. I can provide advice on everything from your ‘save the date’ cards to your honeymoon trip – and a hundred things in between.

Trusted Financial Planner

Weddings can be expensive! But I can help you create a realistic budget and stick to it. I can help you stretch your dollars because of my connections with California wedding resources, my negotiation skills and insider’s know-how.

Trusted Advocate

In all of my endeavors, my primary concern is for you, my client. I will do whatever it takes to bring to life the perfect California wedding you always dreamed of. Because trust is the key to our association, you will know that every detail has been discussed and decided on, by you, beforehand.

Trusted Mediator

These are dynamic times and there are as many changes as there are traditions. Family units are dispersed and, with them, come issues with ex-families and step-families. A wedding consultant is an independent third party who can help the couple “do the right thing” without hurting feelings, but also, we never forget that this once-in-a-lifetime day is all about you!

Ready to plan the perfect California wedding?